What is Dharmakara.net?
An internet site providing connections between interested people and some websites on Tibet and Buddhism.
What does Dharmakara mean?
Dharmakara means "source of phenomena". Dharma here means phenomena and kara source or origin. It is a sanskrit term used in Buddhist philosophy, referring to emptiness (Sanskrit: shunyata), the fact that all phenomena cannot exist truely and independently or by themselves. Phenomena exist interdependently, some depending upon their causes, others their relative position in space or time, and all at least upon being the object perceived by a person or subject. They are empty of existing in and of themselves independently. The Dharmakara is represented (symbolically) by a triangular tetrahedron, with one point downwards. This symbolises the expansion or growth in a person's mental capacity as they make progress on their spiritual path. The Dharmakara or emptiness "allows" or makes possible the existence of phenomena and therefore can be considered their source.
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